Science in the Schoolyard™

Science in the Schoolyard™ is Boston Schoolyard Initiative's science professional development program. Science in the Schoolyard™ helps teachers use the urban natural environment in their schoolyard (ranging from asphalt lots to BSI-designed outdoor classrooms) to teach required science lessons. With our training, teachers develop the skill and knowledge to take their students into the schoolyard to demonstrate, test, apply, and explore core science concepts and skills, with great results. BSI Science in the Schoolyard™ resources include BSI-developed and guides to teaching FOSS™ science curriculum outdoors and professional development that helps teachers design and implement effective outdoor science lessons.

Science in the Schoolyard™ Guides to BPS FOSS Kits

BSI-developed curriculum guides to FOSS provide step-by-step information on when and how to take students outside for each of the FOSS kits used in the BPS Science curriculum. The guides offer simple, practical ways for teachers to take kit investigations outdoors. The guides also provide activities that teachers and out-of-school time staff can use to integrate science into their content areas. Click on the titles below to download BSI's Science in the Schoolyard FOSS Kit Guides.

To order printed copies contact Delta Education Customer Care at 800-258-1302.

See video of BPS teachers teaching FOSS kits outdoors on the FOSS website!

Program Impact

BSI's Science in the Schoolyard™ program increases interest in science and, according to a recent teacher survey, helps teachers help students:

  • Become better observers
  • Make science connections to the real world
  • Use science vocabulary in context
  • Communicate their science thinking
  • Understand difficult science concepts

What Teachers Say

This is what BPS teachers say about Science in the Schoolyard™:

"The observation never stopped. Every day students brought in creatures they were finding outside."

"I realized that I may be assuming my students understand a concept, when they don't. It was a really useful assessment of whether students could recognize a slope, and use the term when they saw one."

"The vocabulary was so much richer outdoors. The words I heard students using were words they hadn't used indoors: absorption, channeled, flow, pooling."

"If you were there you would have heard things like 'Look what I have!' and then seen a sudden rush of students around that person."

More Information

For information on our on-site and district-wide Science in the Schoolyard™ courses and professional development opportunities, contact